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Gordon Dean DeRoos

Gordon in the early days of writing the Pitchfork Primer Course.  He would start work early in the morning and often work into the night researching, reviewing and writing the manual.  Gordon took great care in assuring that his work accurately represented the material he was personally taught by Dr. Alan Andrews and reviewed Dr. Andrews work on a regular basis up until the time he passed to make sure that everything he shared was as close as possible to the original teachings.

Gordon wrote the following about how he was introduced to the work of Dr. Andrews median line/action reaction trading techniques.

When I first read about Dr. Andrews’ special methods for drawing lines on a price chart, I was not impressed. That was back in the late l970s. The flyer I read gave no clues about the techniques themselves; only that his methods were based on the Newtonian law of action and reaction. I mistakenly reduced that law to “what goes up must come down,” and decided to pass if that’s all there was to it. (I would later find out how hasty that judgment turned out to be.)

Gordon with granddaughter’s Angela and Khaila while he takes a break from the Pitchfork coursework. (Future Pitchfork students, he always said.)

I often think about my initial reaction to that flyer. Those were the days when technical indicators were the tools of the discerning trader. Formula-based indicators such as RSI, Stochastics, Momentum, Rate of Change, etc. sprung to life in the heart of every chartist. Programmable calculators did the leg-work on the formulas, and some even had built-in routines that generated buy and sell signals. After years of burning the midnight oil poring over charts, trying to count waves, drawing trend lines, figuring out Fibonacci retracement levels, updating moving averages, and so on, the advent of computer-assisted analysis seemed the better way to go.Then a commodity broker I worked with showed me the course material he’d ordered from Dr. Andrews. It had cost him $1500.00, which was no small sum in those days. He gave me several pages to look over, and it didn’t take me long to realize that Dr. Andrews’ price analysis techniques worked. “More often than not,” as he said at one of his seminars for course members..

While studying chart after chart, I noted that prices would time and again head for Dr. Andrews’ unique course lines. That convinced me to become a course member myself. I enrolled, attended several of his seminars, and subsequently used his methods for many years as a commodity broker. I also taught his introductory techniques as part of a community college ag-marketing course.I’ve been using Dr. Andrews’ trading methods in my personal investment portfolio for over 30 years now. I can’t imagine trading without them.

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