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“Trading with The Pitchfork” offers traders time-tested strategies for trading stocks and futures using the median line technique, commonly known as “The Andrews Pitchfork.” The strategies in the manual are based on techniques taught to me by Dr. Alan H. Andrews, the author and teacher of a trading course he named “Case Studies for Investors.” In that course, he presented several trading methods that he termed “Action/Reaction Techniques,” one of which was his now well-known “Andrews Pitchfork.” I completed Dr. Andrews’ course in the early1980’s, and also attended several trading seminars that he hosted for his course members.

Pitchfork Primer course members have often asked if I had ever considered teaching my personal pitchfork trading strategies — strategies that have been profitable for me year in and year out. Because of that interest, I started work in 2004 on a manual that I’ve named “Trading with The Pitchfork.” I finished writing it in late 2006, and published shortly after that.

A note about the strategies; designed specifically for use with Dr. Andrews’ Pitchfork, the strategies are not meant to take the place of his complete action/reaction trading course. Those who have taken that course, either from Dr. Andrews himself, or from me, will find themselves on familiar ground as they study the trading strategies presented in this manual. That’s because the strategies are soundly based on the action/reaction concept Dr. Andrews taught for analyzing stock and commodity prices. This trading manual could be considered an advanced pitchfork trading course, if you will.

Dr. Andrews wrote that his research showed prices will reach a median line approximately 80% of the time, after which they tend to reverse. He added that sometimes, instead of reversing after reaching the median line, prices will trade back and forth along either side of it in a congestion pattern. The chart below illustrates that.

The above scenario is just one of several situations that the strategies in “Trading with The Pitchfork” are designed to handle. It should be noted that several preliminary studies are required before the trade setup in this scenario becomes finalized. You’ll learn how to configure those, and other studies when you read the manual.

After you gain a working knowledge of the strategies, you’ll be surprised at how quickly you’ll be able to spot the various trade setups as they emerge on your own workcharts – potential trades that are waiting for you to apply the strategies you’ll learn in this manual.

The  Pitchfork Companion is available as a PDF file for $40.00 through PayPal, check or money order.  Please email me for instructions about paying by check or money order.

Get both the Trading with The Pitchfork PDF manual and the Pitchfork Primer Course for a special price of $60.00.

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“You course members are among the fortunate few to be able to draw a staight line and know that prices are headed toward that Median Line.”

Alan H. Andrews

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