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“For Every Action
There is an
Equal and Opposite Reaction.”
(Newton said that)

January 21, 1933 – December 6, 2015
Gordon passed away at his home on December 6,2015.  One of his last requests was that we find a way to continue offering his course material to those who are interested.    Our family is committed to keeping his work available.  Please contact Debbie with any questions at

In Gordon’s words:

I remember well my introduction to the internet, and how it sparked the beginning of a wonderful retirement project. That was in November, 1996. My wife Neva and I had just retired, and were wintering in Harlingen, Texas.

My very first online project was a search in order to see what, if anything, was available regarding Dr. Alan Andrews’ Pitchfork and other action/reaction trading methods. Dr. Andrews had passed away several years earlier, and I thought there would be at least some mention of him, or his trading methods. But nothing showed up. I don’t recall whether that lack of information surprised me or not. It did prompt me, however, as one of his early 1980 course members, to start work on a website, and an email correspondence course that would be centered on his Andrews Pitchfork technique.

Helping other traders learn how to correctly use the Pitchfork, and the supplementary techniques Dr. Andrews used as he analyzed his stock and commodity price charts seemed a fitting thing to do. So, after organizing all the material I’d received from him over the years, jotting down and then wrapping up my notes, this website and my e-mail course were ready to go in mid-1997. As I mentioned, it has been a wonderful retirement project, and both have been in continuous operation now for more than 18 years.

Pitchfork Primer Goal:

To offer a low-cost, self-paced study program centered on the original course materials furnished by the founder of “The Median Line Technique,” the late Dr. Alan H. Andrews.

Gordon published two complimentary study tools:

  1. Trading With the Pitchfork Course
  2. Trading With the Pitchfork Manual

The course and manual can be purchased either separately or as a bundle.


“Trading with The Pitchfork”
A PDF trading manual featuring time-tested trading strategies
using Dr. Alan H. Andrews’ Median Line Technique.

For more information about the MANUAL INFORMATION.

For more information about the COURSE INFORMATION.

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Course Member Comments

Barbara from Nevada wrote: 

I was a total newbie to trading 22 months ago. I studied with someone else for 16 months without success, but you have given me back my hope! Now my equity curve has risen. Thank you for your top-notch teaching of superior material. Take it from one who knows firsthand: excellent teaching that is structured and well organized is 90% of the battle. I can’t wait to see what lesson 3 has to offer.

Spiros from Greece wrote:

Kalimera Gordon,
My very best wishes for a Merry Christmas. I hope you enjoy peace in the holidays, and that the New Year will give you and your family Health, Happiness, and Prosperity.

Once again please accept my many thanks for your wonderful work during my course period. You are an exceptional teacher, and your devotion to my progress and understanding of the lessons is unforgetable.

All the best,

DJ from California writes:

I just have to say another “Thank You” for what you have shared in your course. I revisited your website and re-read the testimonials you shared. They are all true to the fact of what I experienced, and then some. If or when you decide to retire (again), who will continue this wonderful course?

Personal thanks to you also for your heart-felt concern to help me grasp the methods taught by Dr. Andrews. What I learned was absolutely amazing. The pitchfork is an excellent tool, and I don’t think another approach out there can compare. I’m sure there are benefits to other methods, but not its equal. (my personal opinion)

If you should decide to offer an additional course, please put me at the top of your list (along with all your other course graduates).

All the best to you and your family. Happy Thanksgiving to you…and a Merry Christmas too.


Another course graduate wrote this about the course and about the trading manual:

Hi Gordon,
I found Dr. Andrews’ concept of Price Failure (in conjuction with the Sliding Parallel) one of the most remarkable ideas in trading. This eminently practical idea enables a trader/investor to literally turn “a failure into success”. Your clear exposition of this very important topic with well labelled charts has made the process of understanding this concept extremely easy. Thanks again for this superb lesson.

PS: I am not exaggerating when I say that your course together with your e-book is the best in terms of content, value, affordability and practical use. I have told several of my friends and colleagues about your course and I will continue to do my best to spread the word about your course.

I will be sending my answer to the question in Lesson 5-b later this evening.

Lal kindly sent this:

“The Andrews techniques you have taught me are proving to be so valuable that I consider it my good fortune to have known you and receive the benefit of your teaching. Also, I would urge every course member, and indeed every trader to obtain a copy of your book – those who choose not to are denying themselves of something extremely valuable. At the moment, I have no questions since invariably any question I seem to have, I always find the answer in the manual. But thanks to your offer, I will trouble you if I do have a tricky question!”

Kindest regards,

Branislav Karik wrote:

Hi Gordon,
This is good stuff! I was always in the dark about the range situations, and would always end up frustrated coz I would usually miss the trend, and then didn’t know what to do once the price gets into a trading range …
I am really pleasantly surprised by all the Andrews things you are showing me from one lesson to another. You know, I found out about your web site and your course almost a year ago, but at that time I was thinking “why pay for something I can get for free?” Well, I know much better now :-)

Thanks for all the good stuff,

Doug Rakich kindly said:

Hi Gordon,

I think I get everything except the 2 gap line, and I am sure this will become clear. You have a very clear and direct teaching style which is fortunate when one considers the difficulty in explaining the mental gymnastics involved in eyeballing and winging a freehand least regression diagram on what amounts to a scatter plot of data points. Of course markets are not quite that disorderly which is why TA works.

Thanks for your help, I am enjoying this.

Another course member had this to say:

“I received your manual a few weeks ago, and I really like it. It’s concise, extremely well written, and easy to study. I’ve been spending a lot of time testing the trading strategies on paper, and from what I’ve seen to date, I’m confident they will soon make up the core of my personal trading plan. I believe it is without a doubt the best Andrews pitchfork trading manual out there.

If you decide to write another trading manual based on Dr. Andrews’ methods, please let me know. Also, thank you again for all your help and guidance while I was taking your course.”


Denise from Nicosia, Cyprus, wrote this:

“I spent last week reviewing the course lessons, and also re-reading your pitchfork trading manual. What a journey!! I will never again study my charts the way I did before I learned how to use Dr. Andrews’ methods! I am still demo trading, and being very particular to keep my trades realistic, but it’s hard to believe I haven’t had any losses since the beginning of January. (that was when I was just beginning lesson 4)

I plan to keep on studying and reviewing, because the potential of this material is incredible! I will miss your emails, and I thank you again for everything you taught me.”

Warm Regards,

Jan from Germany wrote:

“Thank you, Gordon. You have changed the way I look at charts. There are so many Andrews things to discover on charts if you look closely. It is a fantastic experience for me.

Ok, I’ve sent you two charts of OJ: The first chart shows the overall picture, i.e. a significant 5P count to the bottom. The second picture shows the same situation but I zoomed in for a precise gap count – bar by bar. Hopefully I’ve done everything right.”


George kindly passed this along:

“I don’t believe that one can effectively learn this material on one’s own, and you have made everything so clear and immediately comprehensible.
Anyone new to the Pitchfork and Andrews’ many other approaches would be foolish not to take this very affordable and instantly applicable course. There is far more here than how to draw a Pitchfork.”


Pilar Royo from Spain wrote:

“Your pitchfork primer course has been an invaluable tool for my better understanding of the Andrews’ system, and now I feel that I am going to start 2008 with new powerful resources, as I will never look at a chart the same way I did.”

Kindest regards,

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